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March 25 2013

enough is enough.

March 18 2013

needles and pins
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this is the teaser picture for tonight’s Twin Peaks themed party

omg it’s so beautiful i am so blessed

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March 17 2013

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Hunter S. Thompson and Bill Murray.

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more photos of the xx and austra together made by hannah marshall:

March 16 2013

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photography by gertrude käsebier, 1902. a perfect example of the decisive moment six years before cartier-bresson's birth. guess it's what photography is all about.
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March 15 2013

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yayoi kusama, 'infinity mirrored room - filled with the brilliance of life', installation from her last year's solo exhibition at tate modern. it's damn worth giving a caption, at least the fucking author, seriously.
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ament. ul/kr.

March 14 2013

Marina Abramovic
“Nude with skeleton”
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March 13 2013

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august sander, 1921
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i really, really didn't want to go there this year. well, whatever.
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